Lewes Dragon Boat Festival

  The Basics

General Information

A dragon boat is a 46 foot boat much like a canoe. Twenty paddlers sit side by side on ten seats and paddle in synch. The race is approximately 500 meters long, will start north of the Overfalls Lightship and end at the Canalfront Park in Lewes. The two boat heats will take about 2-3 minutes to travel the 500 meter distance. Every team is scheduled to race at least two times, more if they are winning.


There will be a practice session with a professional coach for each team on one of three days leading up to the event. At these sessions teams will learn water safety, paddling techniques and seat position for race day. Most importantly each team will get a chance to find their rhythm.


Anyone age 12 or older and any fitness level can participate. This event is not about youth and strength, but teamwork and finesse.


Every team will need 20 paddlers, at least 8 of which need to be female. 1 drummer will create the cadence for the stroke and motivate the team. It is recommend that each team have up to 3 alternates on their roster for a total of 24 team members. A professional steersmen will be provided by the race company.

The Canalfront park is a gem in the middle of downtown Lewes.  Please help us be good stewards of the park and considerate of Park area residents in ways such as:


Parking thoughtfully.  On Festival Day, parking will not be allowed in the Lewes Little League parking area for safety reasons.  Also, refrain from parking on private properties on the canal side of Pilottown Road.


Refraining from littering!


Walking only on gravel walking paths, open grassy areas, and docks.  Please keep out of all bedding areas!


Obeying all posted signs and listening to the directions of event staff.


No private tents allowed on Festival grounds (Canalfront Park, Lewes Little League fields and parking area)